Single’s Ministry

The mission of the prison ministry is to share the light of Jesus Christ with those who live every day in a very dark world. Many of these individuals have little or no contact with their family, friends, or the outside world. While we cannot replace their family, we endeavor to bring Christian fellowship.

We conduct services on the first Sunday night of each month.

Faith, Family, Unity

Our heartbeat is to connect people from all walks of life to Jesus Christ. We know that God desires a personal relationship with everyone no matter their ethnic, religious or economic background. We are a church that carries one another’s burdens.

No one is an Outsider. No one is a Stranger.


We are family.


Word Alive Revival Center is a an Apostolic Pentecostal church which believes in the one true living God, the Lord Jesus Christ and that everyone should be made warmly welcome to be a part of their church family and allow the LORD to lead them into a greater relationship with Him.